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   Post subject: The glut of 3-pointers was nothing new for the Mountaineers.

With Super Bowl 50 a distant memory and the combine in the books, 32 NFL teams are turning their attention to one of the most important dates in the calendar year – the beginning of free agency. Bryce Petty Jersey . AFC options We assess what 16 teams must do to improve For 31 of those teams, the 2015 season ended in disappointment and free agency offers an opportunity to address the weaknesses on their roster which made them fall short.The Denver Broncos closed out the season as champions but general manager John Elway may have more work to do than anyone with a host of key players set to hit the market. Ins & outs Live blog with all the latest news At 5pm (GMT) on March 7, NFL teams are permitted to enter into contract negotiations with agents of pending unrestricted free agents. At 5pm (GMT) on March 9, the 2016 league year and free agency period officially begin and contracts with players can be signed. Here is what each team in the AFC will be looking to accomplish...Arizona Cardinals Rashad Johnson could be in line for a pay increase Biggest Need: Edge rusher. Arizona ranked joint 20th in the NFL last season with 36 sacks and were forced to rely heavily on the blitz to generate pressure. Markus Golden showed promise in his rookie season but the Cardinals need to find a marquee pass rusher.Free agent to keep: Rashad Johnson. The Cardinals boasted one of the leagues best secondaries last season and Johnson was an important part of that. Though Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu tend to grab the headlines, Johnson plays an important role with his ability to patrol the deep part of the field.Free agent to target: Outside linebacker is a big need but the pickings are slim in free agency. Another position where the Cardinals could stand to improve is centre. Stefen Wisniewski is coming off a strong season with the Jacksonville Jaguars and would represent a big upgrade over incumbent starter Lyle Sendlein.Atlanta Falcons Ryan Schraeder must be retained by Atlanta Biggest Need: Safety. When Dan Quinn was defensive coordinator in Seattle his defence was designed around having two elite safeties on the back end with Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor. He did not have that luxury in Atlanta last season. The Falcons cut injury-prone William Moore in the offseason.Free agent to keep: Ryan Schraeder played well at right tackle last season for Atlanta. At just 28, he has plenty of good football ahead of him. Re-signing him should be a priority the Falcons as they can use him to bookend their offensive line alongside 2014 number six overall pick Jake Matthews.Free agent to target: Despite an injury-hit campaign in 2015, Eric Weddle is still one of the NFLs best safeties. Though he turned 31 in January, he still has some quality years left and his leadership and experience would be a welcome addition to the back end of Atlantas defence.Carolina Panthers Josh Norman is an example of how players can use the market to get the best deal for themselves Biggest Need: Offensive tackle. Michael Oher and Mike Remmers exceeded expectations during the regular season but they struggled with Denvers pass rush in the Super Bowl. Remmers, in particular, was abused by Von Miller. Offensive tackle is a position Carolina must address.Free agent to keep: Josh Norman backed himself last offseason when he turned down an extension with Carolina and that gamble paid as he established himself as one of the NFLs elite cornerbacks. The Panthers have applied their franchise tag to him and will work to agree a long-term extension before the July 15 deadline.Free agent to target: Offensive tackle is a need but so is cornerback where Charles Tillman is a 35-year-old free agent. New York Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara would help Carolina get younger at the position and his injury history means they should not have to break the bank to land him.Chicago Bears Denvers issues mean Malik Jackson could be available, so will Chicago swoop? Biggest Need: Offensive tackle. Chicago needs to get better on both their defensive and offensive lines to compete in the NFC North. The Bears need to find a left tackle of the future as Charles Leno is not the answer at the position.Free agent to keep: There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Chicagos offence at the moment. Veteran running back Matt Forte wont be returning. Left tackle Jermon Bushrod has been cut. Tight end Martellus Bennett may suffer the same fate while fellow tight end Zach Miller is a free agent. 2015 first-round pick Kevin White has yet to catch a pass in the NFL. All that means keeping Alshon Jeffery is crucial. The Bears need to hammer out a long-term extension after franchising him.Free agent to target: Defensive lineman Malik Jackson is likely to be too expensive for the Denver Broncos to keep, with Von Miller and Brock Osweiler expected to be prioritised by general manager John Elway. Bears coach John Fox knows just how good Jackson is, having coached him in Denver, and he would fit nicely into the Chicago front seven alongside Pernell McPhee and Eddie Goldman.Dallas Cowboys Robert Griffin III has ties to Texas so playing for the Cowboys might reignite his career Biggest Need: Cornerback. Former sixth overall pick Morris Claiborne is a free agent and has never justified his lofty draft position in Dallas. Brandon Carr is expected to be a cap casualty. 2015 first-round pick Byron Jones may be better suited to safety. The Cowboys need to address this position.Free agent to keep: Rolando McClain has turned his career around in Dallas and is worth keeping at middle linebacker. Given Sean Lees extensive injury history, Dallas cannot afford to let McClain leave.Free agent to target: The importance of having a capable back-up quarterback was highlighted in Dallas last season when Tony Romo went down. Robert Griffin III would give them that. His star has faded massively in Washington but he was once one of the NFLs brightest young stars. He was a college phenomenon 90 miles south of Dallas for Baylor University and heading back to Texas could be just what he needs to rebuild his confidence.Detroit Lions Calvin Johnsons retirement would cause significant damage to Detroits offence Biggest need: Wide receiver. Calvin Johnson will leave a gaping hole in the Lions offence if he retires as expected. Golden Tate is a nice player but he is not a number one option and Detroit has little outside of him at the position.Free agent to keep: Tahir Whitehead performed well for Detroit at linebacker last season. He was solid in coverage and excellent against the run. Veteran inside linebacker Stephen Tulloch is also a free agent but the Lions should prioritise the younger Whitehead.Free agent to target: Assuming Alshon Jeffery stays in Chicago; the free agency crop of wide receivers looks extremely thin at the top. One player who would be a nice fit in Detroit is Rishard Matthews of the Miami Dolphins. He shined last season with extended playing time and he is an ascending player.Green Bay Packers Would Green Bay fancy tempting Danny Trevathan (left)? Biggest need: Inside linebacker. Clay Matthews is the most talented player on the Packers defence and they played him out of position for a lot of last season on the inside. He is at his best at outside linebacker when he can get after opposing quarterbacks. The Packers need to find someone to play inside so they can shift him back outside.Free agent to keep: Casey Hayward is a talented cornerback but he is likely to be too expensive to keep, especially given the Packers spent first and second-round picks on Damarious Randall and Quentin Rollins in the 2015 draft. That being said, Green Bay should bring running back James Starks to compete with Eddie Lacy, who had a down year last season.Free agent to target: Danny Trevathan was excellent at the heart of the Denver Broncos Super Bowl-winning defence in 2015. He is unlikely to be brought back given the demands on Denvers salary cap and would be a terrific addition in Green Bay.Los Angeles Rams The Rams will need to invest in a better QB than Case Keenum Biggest need: Quarterback. Case Keenum is not a viable NFL starter in the long term and Nick Foles was a huge disappointment after arriving from Philadelphia. The lack of a quality quarterback has crippled this franchise for years since Kurt Warner left.Free agent to keep: Both starting cornerbacks, Janoris Jenkins and Trumaine Johnson, are free agents and the Rams had to keep at least one. They have decided Johnson is the superior player and ensured he will stay by placing the franchise tag on him.Free agent to target: Cutting Chris Long, James Laurinitus and Jared Cook positions the Rams to bid for Brock Osweiler in free agency. Landing a quarterback in the draft will be difficult because the Rams hold the 15th pick and Osweiler is the top option available in free agency.Minnesota Vikings Mike Wallace hasnt performed as Minnesota hoped Biggest need: Wide receiver. Stefon Diggs was great as a rookie but Mike Wallace has been a free agent bust. The Vikings need to find a receiver to draw coverage away from Diggs.Free agent to keep: Michael Harris played well at guard for Minnesota in 2015 and needs to be brought back to solidify the interior of the Vikings offensive line.Free agent to target: With the wide receiver free agent class being a weak one, the Vikings should look to upgrade that position in the draft and focus on strengthening the offensive line. San Francisco 49ers guard Alex Boone would be a nice addition to that unit.New Orleans Saints Damon Harrison could plug a leaky New Orleans defence Biggest need: Where to start? The Saints need help at every level of their defence but they really need an edge rusher to help out Cameron Jordan. New Orleans managed just 31 sacks in 2015 which was the sixth-lowest total in the NFL.Free agent to keep: Running back Tim Hightower gave the Saints a real spark down the stretch with his bruising style after Mark Ingram went down with injury. Hightower was out of the NFL for almost four years before New Orleans gave him a chance and he proved he belonged.Free agent to target: No team in the NFL allowed a higher yards per carry (4.9) in 2015 than New Orleans. Nose tackle Damon Harrison was an outstanding run stuffer for the New York Jets last season and would go a long way to solving that problem. Ian Williams of the San Francisco 49ers would be a good alternative.New York Giants Jason Pierre-Paul is out of contract so could renegotiate a bumper deal Biggest need: Edge rusher. The Giants could not get to the quarterback last season, ranking 30th in the NFL with just 23 sacks, and their two best pass rushers - Robert Ayers and Jason Pierre-Paul - are free agents.Free agent to keep: Ayers had the best season of his career in 2015 but Pierre-Paul is younger with more upside, even with his damaged hand.Free agent to target: Free safety Rodney McLeod had an excellent season for the Rams in 2015. The Giants gave up the most passing yards in the NFL (4,783) last season and must address the back end of their defence.Philadelphia Eagles Byron Maxwell has done little to justify his generous salary in Philadelphia Biggest need: Cornerback. The massive deal the Eagles handed out to Byron Maxwell looks like a big mistake after one season and Nolan Carroll is a free agent. This is a problem position.Free agent to keep: Walter Thurmond handled his transition from corner to free safety well after arriving from Seattle and is worth bringing back if Philadelphia can get him for a reasonable rate.Free agent to target: The departure of Evan Mathis to Denver left a hole in the Eagles offensive line. They could stand to upgrade both guard spots. Jeff Allen had a stellar season with Kansas City and would be a good addition.San Francisco 49ers Is Joe Staley (left) worth the investment considering his age? Biggest need: Wide receiver. Torrey Smith was hugely disappointing after arriving as a free agent prior to the season. The 49ers have little outside of him at the position.Free agent to keep: Given the uncertainty in the 49ers passing game, bringing back Anquan Boldin is important for San Francisco. He has been their most consistent receiving option though his age - 35 - is a concern.Free agent to target: The 49ers have a lot of uncertainty on their offensive line. Left tackle Joe Staley will be 32 next season. It is still unknown whether right tackle Anthony Davis will return after a year out of the game. Alex Boone, San Franciscos best interior lineman, is a free agent. Signing versatile Baltimore Ravens tackle/guard Kelechi Osemele would be a great boost for San Francisco next season.Seattle Seahawks Seattle have to make a tough decision on Russell Okung (right) Biggest need: Offensive tackle. The Seahawks may need to find two starting offensive tackles this offseason. Injury-prone Russell Okung is a free agent while Garry Gilliam struggled at right tackle.Free agent to keep: Injuries have hampered Okung in recent seasons but he is a talented left tackle. Seattle may be able to sign him to a reasonably-priced, short-term deal which would work for both sides.Free agent to target: Richie Incognito was outstanding at left guard for Buffalo in 2015. He will be 33 entering next season and may fancy playing for a Super Bowl contender. He would provide a huge boost to Seattles offensive line.Tampa Bay Buccaneers Doug Martin has significant bargaining power after a great season Biggest need: Cornerback. Tampa had one of the poorest secondary groups in the league last season and need to find multiple new starters this offseason.Free agent to keep: If the price is right, it makes sense to keep running back Doug Martin in Tampa after his stellar 2015 season but the Buccaneers should not overpay.Free agent to target: Los Angeles Rams cornerback Janoris Jenkins is a quality starter and would provide a big upgrade for Tampa Bay.Washington Redskins Kirk Cousins could earn a huge contract because Washington are desperate for a QB Biggest need: Quarterback. Kirk Cousins and Colt McCoy are free agents and Robert Griffin III will be playing elsewhere in 2016. The Redskins have nothing at the quarterback position.Free agent to keep: Terrance Knighton didnt wow at nose tackle but he is a solid two-down run stuffer and the Redskins want to be a physical team so keeping him makes sense.Free agent to target: Washingtons limited cap space means they will not be big shoppers in free agency but ascending Detroit Lions linebacker Tahir Whitehead would be a big upgrade in the middle of their defence. Also See: NFL Video Rookies guide NFL on Sky Sports Pundits DeMario Davis Jersey . -- During a players meeting following the All-Star break, Jermaine ONeal promised his teammates to play the rest of the regular season like he would never play again -- because he very well might not. Jermaine Kearse Jersey . The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists detailed in a report how Russian and international journalists have been harassed and prevented from covering sensitive stories in Sochi such as the abuse of migrant workers and environmental issues. . More importantly, he is trying to show his young teammates the Colorado are still post-season contenders. He hopes winning a series at home was a fresh start.DAYTON, Ohio -- D.J. Evans is charitably listed at 5-foot-9. His coach and teammates tease him that he looks a foot shorter. Yet he stood awfully tall for Albany on Tuesday night. Evans scored 22 points, including two clinching free throws with 12.6 seconds left, to lead the Great Danes to their first NCAA tournament victory, 71-64 over Mount St. Marys in the First Four. Evans, an often overlooked component in Albanys lineup, belied his height with nine rebounds to go with three assists. "Hes about 4-foot-8, so hes really impressive," laughed his running mate at guard, Peter Hooley, who had 20 points. "I dont think theres another 4-8 guard who could go in there and get that many boards. He did what he needed to do to get this win." It was a signature victory for the America East Conference tournament champs, who had come up empty in three previous trips to the big dance. "It means a lot," said an emotional coach Will Brown. "Theres no better feeling. Like I told our kids, were going to be in the history books at the University of Albany forever." The Great Danes (19-14) advance to meet overall No. 1 seed and top-ranked Florida on Thursday in Orlando. But that was a concern for another day. It was a wild game of incredible turnarounds, with the Great Danes bolting to leads of 13-0 and 21-2, only to have The Mount (16-17) bounce back with a 21-2 run of its own to pull even. Hooley, one of three Australians on the Albany roster, hit two free throws with 2:43 remaining to stretch the lead to 65-62. After Julian Norfleet countered with a bucket, Hooley again pounded his way to the basket and lofted a shot over a defender for a 67-64 lead at the 2-minute mark. It stayed that way with the teams missing big shots. Rashad Whack and Norfleet each missed potential tying 3s -- Whacks rolled almost inside the rim and then bounded away. "When it hit the rim, I thought it was going to go in," Whack said softly. Evans was fouled with 12.6 seconds left and hit both shots to increase the lead to five points -- and out of reach of another long-range shot. Evans was most proud of his rebounding. "They shot a lot of 3s and there were a lot of long rebounds," he said with a grin. "I was just at the right place at the right time. Brandon Shell Jersey. " After playing two years of junior-college ball and sitting behind a senior starter a year ago, Brown told Evans his day would eventually come. "Hes the happiest kid in the world right now," Brown said. Norfleet then missed another 3 and Albany finally could call itself an NCAA winner. Will Miller, a freshman who came off the bench, led The Mount with 21 points, all on 3s. But he didnt get off a shot in the last 3:32 after making back-to-back 3s to draw the Mountaineers within a point. Whack added 16 points and Sam Prescott 14 for The Mount, which electrified the crowd at the University of Dayton with 3-point fireworks. The Mountaineers hit 12 of 37 shots behind the arc to time and again come back from deficits. The glut of 3-pointers was nothing new for the Mountaineers. They came in with an offence heavily dependent on shots behind the arc. They averaged 9 of 25 on 3-pointers coming in. Albany had made some racket in the NCAAs before, but had never come out on top. In 2006, the Great Danes led by double figures in the second half but lost to Connecticut, 72-59. A year later, they held their own before falling Virginia, 84-57. A year ago, as a 15 seed, they battled Duke throughout before coming up short, 73-61. Mount St. Marys was also making its fourth NCAA appearance, although it had won once before -- a victory over Coppin State in 2008 in the old format of an opening-round leading into the big tournament. Albany led 35-31 at the break, but that didnt tell the story of one bizarre half. The Mount couldnt do much right for the first 8-plus minutes. The Great Danes raced to a 13-0 lead. The Mountaineers missed misfired on their first 11 shots from the field, including six behind the arc. "A lot of teams would have folded," said Mount coach Jamion Christian. "Our guys didnt do that. They took the punch and they bounced back." Things quickly turned around, with Mount going on an 18-0 run. Like a couple of sparring partners, the teams kept trading flurries in the second half. Down 45-41, Albany went on a 10-1 run. Trailing 60-53, the Mountaineers scored nine of the next 12 capped by Millers two 3s to cut the deficit to a point. That set the stage for Evans to play like a giant. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '

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