Mani-Admin Clients to Eventscripts

Instructions for script writers:

1. When writing a script to refernce the es_clients_db.txt file use the following syntax or similar to call the file:

// to make sure the file is loaded you can add more complex checks to this
// this will select the correct folder
es_xsetinfo clients_dir "|clients"
es_keygroupload clients server_var(clients_dir)

// to check a key value, example client name
es_keygetvalue your_variable clients server_var(es_steamid) name
// example admin flags
es_keygetvalue your_variable clients server_var(es_steamid) adminflags

2. NEVER set your script to write to this file. It should be treated as read only, as other scripts can share the information in the file. Any writing to the file may cause errors in other scripts.

3. You can check individual admin flags by using the es "in" commnad on the adminflags key. Use the same process with immunity flags.